Dermaheal HSR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution
Dermaheal HSR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution
Dermaheal HSR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution
Dermaheal HSR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution

Dermaheal HSR - Skin Rejuvenating Solution


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Dermaheal HSR

Dermaheal HSR is an advanced mesotherapy product that contains more Hyaluronic Acid compared to other solutions of this category. In fact, it is the ideal source of hydration for a firmer, brighter and more radiant appearance. However, thanks to the different amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in its formula, it stimulates collagen production in the skin and corrects superficial facial lines.

Ingredients of Dermaheal HSR

Active ingredients:

  • GFsh-Oligopeptide-2 (CG-IGF1), sh-Polypeptide-1 (CG-bFGF), sh-Polypeptide-9 (CG-VEGF), Copper Tripeptide-1, 14 Vitamins, 24 Amino Acids, 4 Minerals, 3 Coenzymes, 4 Nucleic Acids, 2 Reducing Agents.
  • PTDecapeptide-4 (CG-IDP2), Acetyl Decapeptide-3 (Rejuline), Oligopeptide-41 (CG-Keramin1), Copper Tripeptide-1, 13 Vitamins, 24 Amino Acids, 5 Minerals, 4 Coenzymes, 4 Nucleic Acids, 2 Reducing Agents.

Effective Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid (1%)
  • Oligopeptide-24 (CG-EDP3)
  • Decapeptide-4 (CG-IDP2)
  • Acetyldecapeptide-3 (Rejuline)
  • Tripeptide-6 (CG-CTP), Copper tripeptide-1
  • 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals
  • 4 coenzymes, 4 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents

Benefits of Dermaheal HSR Skin

  • In fact, it continuously maintains moisturization levels
  • Also, strengthens skin elasticity and induces collagen synthesis
  • Reduces even fine lines and wrinkles by regenerating new skin cells
  • Improve the appearance of the skin: acne, acne, scars, stretch marks, pore reduction
  • Easily hydrate even extremely dry skin
  • And also Ideal for mature and dry skin types

How to use Dermaheal HSR Skin Rejuvenating Solution?

Typically, an anti-aging therapy with Dermaheal HSR includes 1 session every week, in a period of 4 weeks. However, for maintenance, the treatment is repeated every two months.

Besides, during each appointment, the medical expert uses one vial of the product (each box comes with 10x 5ml vials) by applying it under the skin through a series of injections. As well, this procedure should take no more than 15-30 minutes and there is no patient downtime after it. It is suitable for use in patients over 40 years of age.


The use of Dermaheal HSR is not allowed in the following cases:

  1. Hypersensitivity to the components of the product
  2. And autoimmune diseases
  3. Oncological diseases
  4. Also, acute inflammatory processes
  5. Chronic dermatoses
  6. Pregnancy or lactation
  7. Minority

Extra Info

  • Weight: 0.200 kg
  • SHELF LIFE: 2 years from production
  • PERIOD AFTER OPENING: Stable for 5 days in refrigerator
  • CAN BE COMBINED WITH: M. Booster Face and M. Booster Pore Tightening
  • The treatment area must be disinfected before injecting the drug.
  • Methods of administration: Injection, mesopistol or mesoroller.


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