HYAFILIA S PLUS Lidocaine (1x1 ml) - Dermal Filler
HYAFILIA S PLUS Lidocaine (1x1 ml) - Dermal Filler

HYAFILIA S PLUS Lidocaine (1x1 ml) - Dermal Filler


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HYAFILIA is a hyaluronic acid filler brand of CHA MEDITECH. SMV SMV PLUS (with lidocaine) IMPACT DOROTHY are also brands of CHA MEDITECH. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml is an ingredient in these products
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Experience the Benefits of Hyafilia S Plus: Advanced CE Certified Filler

Hyafilia S Plus
 is a CE certified filler brand from CHA MEDITECH where they have collected the best parts of other previous hyaluronic acid fillers and upgraded them to a new generation of fillers. Hyafilia is the result of ceaseless research for more facial volume and a natural V-line.

The special V-phasic technology enables Hyafilia to possess only the best parts of bi-phasic and mono-phasic fillers. As a result, Hyafilia has both superior cohesiveness and elasticity while also maintaining a low injection force.

Areas of ​​use:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Crow's feet
Perioral wrinkles

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml
Lidocaine 0,3%

About Hyafilia

  • Hyafilia has a high elasticity which has a better ability to withstand dynamic forces that occur during muscle movements, and therefore may provide better support and lifting while also maintaining the result for a longer time.
  • Hyafilia also has a higher cohesion than existing bi-phasic and mono-phasic fillers. A high level of cohesion enables the treatment to be performed in the desired shape, resulting in a natural appearance and prevents migration after the treatment.
  • With a unique manufacturing process, the hyaluronic acid gets long-lasting results due to its excellent enzyme resistance to slow decomposition in the body while also significantly reduce the amount of BDDE, which provides a very safe product.
  • Helps to reduce the injection force which minimizes the risk of skin damage, bruising, erythema and edema after the treatment.
  • Ergonomic design.

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